Can Allergies cause headaches???

  Allergy is a condition where the immune system reacts unusually to the foreign substances which are not harmful for the body. Allergies can be the origin of some of those headaches. Some of the common allergies that causes headache : Allergic rhinitis: Headache along with seasonal and indoor nasal allergies is more likely due to a migraine headache rather than allergies. But sinus disease cause headaches due to pain related to hay fever or other allergic reactions. An actual sinus headache is actually quite rare. Food allergies: There may be a relationship between food and headaches. For example, foods like processed cheese, artificial sweeteners, and chocolate can activate migraine in some people. Experts say that the chemical properties of some foods that trigger the pain, as opposed to a true food allergy. Histamine: The body produces histamines in reaction to an allergy. Histamines decrease blood pressure that can result in headache. Exposure to allergens attacks your im

Does Sugar Suppresses Immune System??

  Immune system is a web of biological processes which protects the organism against. It identifies and responds to a different variety of pathogens. Abnormal immune response takes place when there is a dysfunction of immune system The immune system will respond continuously to both endogenous and exogenous stimuli either from foods we eat or sleep, exercise habits and stress. Dysfunction of the immune system results in autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases and cancer. Immunodeficiency can result from genetic disease such as severe combined immunodeficiency or from the use of immunosuppressive medication Sugar can act as an immunosuppressant which depends upon the health conditions of the body. In general sugar drains the body nutrient balance which triggers a cascade of inflammation and metabolic disturbance. The prominence of sugar on the immune system varies whether the host is infected with a bacterium or a virus. So it is not absolutely as simple as defining sugar as “

Is natural immunity better than a vaccine??

  Corona Virus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease transmitted through water droplets originated from sneezing, coughing of the infected person. These droplets are heavy and can spread in the air easily. One can be infected by the virus if they are close to the infected person or by touching the contaminated surfaces. The virus can be disseminated from one host to other and shows the effect on respiratory system. The common symptoms for corona virus are fever, cough, headache and pneumonia. Immunity is the capability to withstand from harmful microorganisms. Natural immunity is acquired from the mother (maternal immunity) during pregnancy. The maternal antibodies pass through the placenta to the foetus which protects against the infections until the newborn synthesizes the own antibodies. Vaccine is a biological preparation that results in adaptive immunity. COVID-19 vaccines have obviously prevented the illness as they have potent antibodies against the virus and they are far sa